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The battle against Covid-19 continues and and during this pandemicitis, Storytellers are a great source of stress reduction and listening to a good story is just the medicine you need. While we are all occupied in social distancing, Storytellers are keeping their art alive. If you would like me to do a live or virtual workshop or storytelling session, please contact me to schedule a meeting.

Do you like a good story? Then gather around, for the storyteller is about to begin...

Nootauau Kaukontuoh, “she hears the crow”, is a woman of the Eastern Woodlands. She lives her life in the tradition of the Nanhigganêuck, the people known today as the Narragansett. She is a Storyteller of Longhouse Tales, told in many different ways including Native Sign Language, call and response as well as other traditional styles. She has twice been awarded publishing contracts for her book of poetry and is currently completing a Native children's novel. She brings to life the oral tradition at schools, community centers, Indigenous gatherings and wherever the stories lead her.

As a 'kuhkootomwehteâen' (one who shares knowledge), thirty-five plus years of telling in these different styles, she brings forth the culture of the Longhouse People, through their stories.

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Suzy Harris
Chiropractic Physician/Clinical Nutritionist at Cedar Wood Natural Health Center Burlington, Vermont Area

Hears Crow has been an empowering educator in the telling of traditions and stories from the Longhouse. She carries a strong level of commitment to the preservation of the stories and teachings in a way that leaves connection between our times and the times of our elders and ancestors. I deeply appreciate having the opportunity to listen to the stories that may otherwise been allowed to fade.

Anne Jennison

Storyteller, Audiobook Narrator, Historian Hummingbird Farm Productions Lee, NH

Hears Crow is a gifted Storyteller who's knowledge of Longhouse culture and traditions inform her storytelling performances. She gives the gift of story from her heart, establishing a wonderful rapport with her listeners that sustains the magic of the tales throughout the entire storytelling/story listening experience.

Crocker Farm Elementary School - Lauren Mattone (6th Grade Teacher and Storyteller)

I have known Hears Crow for a little over a year., as we are members of a storytelling group. As a teller of tales, Hears Cow has an enormous body of traditional tales, folktales and personal stories which she shares. Her telling is much like teaching--she presents her stories so that they are accessible, and with a lesson, and yet, they don't feel as if they are lessons at all.

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